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Following is the meaning of Lammens surname. Family name Lammens is generally added after the name or middle name so also called last name.

Family Name / Last Name: Lammens No. of characters: 7 Origin: Belgium Meaning: Worn in Belgium and in the North of the department, it is a double genitive matching Lam, Lams, short forms of Lambrecht personal name (= Lambert).

Lammens is used as a family name or surname in Belgium languages. Lammens has 7 characters long in length.

Lammens is common in Belgium country(ies).

Lammens is ranked 99200 in our list.

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Lammens is quite popular last name mostly concentrated in Belgium which signifies that it is originated from Belgium. Around 4231 people have been found who wears Lammens as their family name. Lammens is used widely across the globe. More detailed information can be found below: Countries with very very low frequency i.e., 1 - 10: 10 Spain 96,935 4 India 1,014,159 3 Guatemala 4,554 2 South Africa 82,478 2 Luxembourg 6,266 2 England 201,317 2 Italy 124,220 2 Hong Kong 9,185 1 Barbados 2,190 1 Dominican Republic 8,500 1 Ecuador 12,741 1 Malaysia 40,340 1 United States Virgin Islands 2,361 1 Scotland 38,841 Countries with very low frequency i.e., 10 - 50: 15 Australia 100,009 Countries with low frequency i.e., 50 - 100: 90 Argentina 50,444 75 Canada 42,464 Countries with hundreds of people: 686 France 13,698 350 Netherlands 8,029

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Comments :Christi Sinegal Lammens is a nickname the origin of this name is Flemish its etymology comes from lamnens: the son of lambert "lambert" is a name very common baptism and patronymic, represents a person of Germanic origin of name from landberht, consists of land which means countries and Berht which means famous, illustrious. Celebrities having Lammens surname
MatŪas Lammens Lawyer
Hank Lammens Ice hockey player

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